CGBD: This 11.5% Yielding BDC is Just Getting Started

In this post we provide a brief update for Carlyle Secured Lending (CGBD) – a BDC currently trading at a 11.5% total dividend yield. More in-depth updates are published on our Premium service.

Total investment income rose 8% QoQ to the highest level in the recent while. GAAP net income rose 15% while adjusted net income (which includes the impact of the preferred dividend) rose 17.5%.

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The company left the Q2 dividend unchanged at a $0.32 regular and $0.08 supplemental. It previously raised the supplemental from $0.07 in Q1. The CEO flagged that there may be potential upside in the dividend through the rest of the year. This could be a nod to the likely rise in income due to higher short-term rates so it’s not a surprise.

Total dividend coverage from adjusted NII (yellow bars in the chart below) are now a very high 118% and have been north of 100% each of the preceding 6 quarters.

Book value rose by more than 1%. The gain was due to 3 factors: 1) a significant over-earning of the total dividend by 18% ($0.47 adjusted NII vs $0.40 total Q1 dividend), 2) a gain from the SolAero sale above and 3) a small contribution from continuing share buybacks.

Weighted-average quality in the portfolio remained the same and on the stronger side of the last 6 quarters (the lower the number the better the internal portfolio quality rating).

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Non-accruals stepped lower as well to 3.7% on a fair-value basis.

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We expect Q2 income to move lower from the very strong Q1 level. However, Q3 numbers should look much stronger. The chart below shows how net income should move based on a rise in Libor of 1% and 2%.

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The company has performed very well over the last couple of years in total NAV return terms.

So far in Q1, CGBD has put up the strongest total NAV returns.

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Overall, we wouldn’t be surprised to see significantly higher income towards the end of the year as the rise in short-term rates feeds through the portfolio and, particularly, if the company chooses to put some of its dry powder to use.

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